Month: May 2016

How Run Developer Studio Code from Source

How Run Developer Studio Code from Source


This post is for developers who would like develop tooling for WSO2. WSO2 Developer Studio also moved in to a kernel-based model with its new architecture revamp in version 4.0.0. WSO2 Developer Studio Kernel provides a set of common plug-ins, which can be used to develop Eclipse plug-ins for WSO2 products that are based on WSO2 Carbon platform.  All the product specific plug-ins will use the Developer Studio Kernel as the base for their respective tooling implementation.

If you have used WSO2 Developer Studio you know that previous versions include tooling support for create many WSO2 product artifacts. But actually a user may not need tooling support for all of these products. User may only use few products in the production. So now onwards user can select what he only needs and install those.


At the time I’m writing this post Developer Studio has released new version based on Eclipse mars2 as WSO2 Developer Studio Kernel 4.1.0. I will guide you to clone the source and how to run the code of ESB Tooling 5.0.0 which is based on 4.1.0 kernel of Developer Studio.

First you may need Eclipse Mars 2 distribution and you can it from here.

1. Install Required Developer Studio Features

The next step is to install the features required for the plug-ins we are going to develop. We need Developer Studio Kernel 4.1.0 and platform bundles for ESB Tooling plug-ins. So install the above features on the downloaded Eclipse.

2. Clone the Source to Local Machine

ESB Tooling repository can be found in here. Fork the repository and for your git and clone from there to your local machine.

git clone

3. Import Source to Eclipse




Now you will have the ESB Tooling source on your Eclipse and start implementing tooling.

4. Run Developer Studio from Source

You can run the developed plug-ins and test the code. You need to run it as Eclipse Application as shown in the following diagram.

Go to Run Configurations and Eclipse Application


When you click the run button it will start a new Eclipse application with your plug-ins in the workspace.